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"Thank you thank you thank you for all your creativity and just blowing up our social media campaigns! Seriously ordered another 100 implants last week largely due to your team."
- Dr. Dave Goldwyn
"We started with Boost in November/December and our monthly average was 150k last year now We are almost thru February and we are just under 600k for this year in collections!"
- Dr. Gerard Macy
“…Last month was our best ever and that was after the previous month being best ever. We’re now at about 40% over our previous 12 month average."
-Excerpt from Dr. Mitchell Shields

why do you need a marketing plan?
Take it from Dr. Tim McNamara

Having a calendar and specific KPI’s in your marketing plan help to hold vendors accountable for ad spend, deadlines, launching initiatives etc.

Knowing your Return-On-Investment starts with a concrete understanding of where your marketing budget is allocated, and how it is being spent.

Timeline on Treatment

The amount of time it will take to complete your treatment will depend on several factors, including the type and severity of the misalignment, how consistently you wear the aligners, and your individual rate of movement. Most patients can achieve their goals in as little as 9-15 months, which is often a shorter period of time than with traditional metal braces. You can help keep treatment time brief by wearing your trays at least 22 hours per day. If you’re not eating, drinking (water), or brushing and flossing, the aligner should be worn. If you notice any damage on the aligner, let us know right away so we can keep your progress on track.

A plan helps ensure marketing dollars aren’t wasted, and also that your team (be it vendors, or those inside your practice) are aligned on goals and tasks, and have constant forward momentum.

  • Practice 1: Acquisition sold for 300% ROI... so I opened another.​
  • Practice 2: Startup in highly competitive area, reaching $184K in revenue in just month 10... so I opened another.​
  • Practice 3: Startup which reached $85K in month 1. So I started teaching others.​
  • 81% of Clients to date have had “their best month EVER”!!​


Studies show that consistent representation of a brand across multiple mediums and platforms can increase revenue up to 23%


Utilize important data around patient value, sales psychology, and ways in which potential patients interact with your practice


Align your team and your marketing goals with a solid plan, and measure that plan with a definitive ROI

We worry about your marketing,
so that you don’t have to.

Not only is Boost owned by a dentist, but we’ve worked with literally hundreds of offices in almost every different market, across the nation.At Boost, we believe that the missing component in a lot of dental marketing is laborWho is looking out for you, the owner? Who is reporting up to you, the CEO? Who is managing vendors while your valuable time is spent running your business?As a branding and marketing strategy company, we serve our clients as both brand positioning experts, and also as an “outsourced Director of Marketing” (if you will!). You won’t find us running AdWords campaigns or Facebook funnels, or trying to hoodwink you with complicated reporting. Instead, we act to advocate for our clients on behalf of their practice’s best interest and goals, work with your vendors to increase ROI, and provide maximum clarity on results. In short? We have your back!




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